Whole -Body Cryotherapy

A first for Aberdeen.

Heralded and used by athletes and celebrities worldwide, Whole-Body Cryotherapy is now available exclusively to Fit & Skin Studio!  


What is Cryotherapy?

3 rejuvenating minutes at -90C

Regeneration is a key factor when it comes to achieving training goals in amateur, professional and even recreational sport. Cryotherapy helps athletes recover rapidly from training sessions, competitions and sports' injuries.  

The use of cold air alleviates inflammations and pain since the body undergoes a physiological reaction to dramatic cooling at temperatures below –80°C.

Cryotherapy is also great for the skin, allowing it to help treat a number of skin conditions. The body reacts to cold by producing more collagen – a requirement for healthy skin with vital elasticity.


Cryotherapy Membership 

5 sessions p/m


10 sessions p/m


15 sessions p/m


A single session of Whole-Body Cryotherapy is priced at £50 per session.

Corporate rates also available. For enquiries - email info@fitandskinstudio.co.uk