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10 reasons why health retreats are so good for you

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Instead of a guilt-induced holiday spent over indulging and eating and maybe even drinking your body weight, a luxury detoxifying health retreat gives your body the best treat it has had in years. We all welcome the relaxation time that the average holiday promises, but on a health retreat, you gain the opportunity not only to relax, but the chance to take charge of your neglected well-being goals. You also return home with benefits that will long outlast your tan and you are armed with an exciting new outlook in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Embrace an opportunity where keeping active does not have to be such a 'thought', but a fun packed experience that you can make the most of within the amazing surroundings of our retreat here at Sierra Blanc, Marbella. Escaping from it all for a week in our villa with private swimming pool, a choice of luxury bedrooms, gardens and beautiful natural surroundings whilst enhancing your well-being with a range of wellness and healing activities, your body will thank you for a long time to come. Whether you want to get fit, eat more healthily, de-stress or whatever your goal may be, here are 10 reasons why health retreats in general, are so good for you.

Time to focus on your healthy goals

Disconnect from the distractions of modern-day life, and find the inspiration you need to reach your goals with the guidance of health professionals. Health retreats offer a range of wellness programmes including weight-loss, detox, anti-ageing, stress relief, and sleep well packages, so that you can return home as a whole new person with fresh motivation.

Guilt free food

Healthy holidays help to maximise weight loss through dietary procedures such as detoxing, juice diets and macrobiotic diets. Enjoy cleansing your body with the rich nutritious food provided on wellness retreats to banish toxins and help aid weight-loss. Reward your body on a luxury spa holiday by cutting out the unhealthy options, so that you can return home feeling positive about yourself, while giving your body the chance to heal.

Have fun shaping up

Health retreats are a fantastic way to shape up, and the best part....? They are enjoyable! They offer you the chance to discover new activities and be inspired by your surroundings Whether you’re someone who works out regularly or hardly at all, health retreats cater for all abilities and are proven to boost individual well-being. Improving your fitness on an activity holiday is also a great way to aid weight-loss and make you more body confident.

Heal with natural wonders

Your surroundings are completely natural meaning that the destination of your wellness retreat is often beautiful and untouched. This gives you the chance to reconnect with nature while reaping the benefits for yourself. Health retreats are a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life, with de-stressing methods such as exercise, detoxing through diet and body treatments,enable you to come away from a physically and mentally healing holiday feeling refreshed, energised and healthy.

Long lasting benefits

Health retreats leave you with a healthy glow lasting for weeks and months as the healthy habits and memories created provide you with the motivation needed to continue your regime at home. The knowledge that you get from a wellness retreat will improve your long term health and stay with you for years to come. Health retreats also teach you how to separate your work life stresses from your personal life, giving you a new perspective of life.

Healthy change from everyday routine

It is very easy to get absorbed into a routine and neglect relaxation within our schedule, whereas health retreats can be life enhancing, as they are often in locations which enable you to disconnect from technology, meaning that you will have to neglect your calls, texts and emails. Through doing this you can relax a lot more easily and detach from the pressures of your everyday life from your time away, to help inspire you to becoming healthier, happier and stronger.

Meet new people

Some people choose to go on a group health retreat so they are not alone and can enjoy the company of other solo travellers on a singles holiday. Health retreats therefore give you a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who may have similar goals to yourself, providing you with further motivation. It also encourages you to broaden your horizon and step out of your comfort zone by interacting with those you may not normally speak to in everyday life.

Strong Focus on Relaxation

Because we’re so absorbed in technology in today’s society, we sometimes find ourselves struggling to maintain a healthy work life balance. We often find we are replying to emails or calling clients hours after we have left the office. On our health retreats you are in new surroundings where the idyllic scenery helps to relax your mind and body, to encourage restoration and relaxation.

Encourages you to be more creative and bring more positivity into your life

On a health retreat you’re encouraged to gather your thoughts, and you will find that when your mind is relaxed you’re able to be your most creative. The natural surroundings will help take your mind away from any negative energy that might be in your life, so that you can release all the negativity and instead focus on more positive thoughts by looking after your mind, body and soul.

Appeals to everyone

Anyone and everyone can take part in a health retreat, and tailor it to suit their own needs. Whether you are stressed from work, a sufferer of digestive problems, someone who wants to lose weight or simply wants a healthy getaway with a difference; health retreats are the perfect way to reconnect with yourself, meet new inspiring people and leave your troubles behind.


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