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ExoBody600 classes with EMS technology: what you need to know

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) has become highly popular throughout the UK fitness industry, due to its ability to deliver incredible results in a short space of time, no matter what your fitness goals are.

But it is not new - it is tried, tested and proven, and has been around for hundreds of years. Even back in the 1970s, the Russian scientist Kots applied EMS technology on athletes, and achieved a 20% increase in their muscle strength.

To explain more about how this revolutionary fitness technology works, we’ve summarised what EMS is, the key benefits of it and what it can help you achieve, as well as provided details of our ExoBody600 classes that are now available to book.

What is electrical muscle stimulation?

By sending small, exactly timed low-level pulses of electricity into your body through the ExoBody600 workout vest, EMS causes the target muscle fibres to contract rather than relying on your own body to create this effect.

These currents allows you to engage your muscles more deeply throughout your workout, and activate muscles that aren’t normally used to achieve better, faster results than from exercising alone.

What are the key benefits of EMS?

With EMS, you can complete an intensive workout in just 25 minutes rather than spending hours at the gym doing complicated exercises, making it an ideal exercise routine for those who are short on time or want to see results fast.

Since the electrical current can stimulate muscles that are more difficult to activate through conventional training, this is the most quick and easy way to achieve the dream body and muscle strength.

In addition to the physical benefits, psychological aspects such as enhanced mood and motivation are also common when starting our ExoBody600 training, giving you a more satisfying workout.

Is EMS better for fat loss than diet and exercise?

Our bodies are designed to store fat reserves, which often means that following a diet plan will lead to weight loss by losing muscle instead of fat.

This drop in muscle quantity reduces the basal metabolic rate and prevents the body from consuming too many calories, creating a rebound effect (yo-yo) as we gain the weight back.

By building up fat-free muscle mass, ExoBody600 workouts can permanently reduce body weight and body fat to give you a more effective weight loss regime than diet alone.

Partnering EMS training with a balanced diet increases metabolic activity both during and after ExoBody600 training, resulting in a permanent growth in your base metabolic rate as the muscle mass increases.

How can EMS help with strength training?

Strength training is important for maintaining good health and achieving a better quality of life. However, if done incorrectly, using weights can put joints under strain and cause injury.

Combining strength training with EMS technology enhances your workout to improve your overall performance and tone your body quicker than doing weight training alone.

Our ExoBody600 classes also offer strength training without putting joints under high pressure, keeping your body well supported throughout your workout.

Is EMS suitable if you have an injury or disability? Since our EMS bodysuits provide highly effective muscle contractions without putting joints under pressure,these workouts are a great workout for athletes who are injured and therefore cannot train, but still need to keep fit during their recovery. Not only that, EMS can actually speed up the recovery time of an injury, as it can be applied to a target area to promote blood circulation and reduce swelling. This means that athletes or those who are dedicated to physical exercise can stay fit and have a more productive rest period throughout their injury. Again, because this technology has a lower impact on joints and doesn’t involve complicated equipment as you would see in conventional exercises, it can be beneficial for those who are elderly or have a disability and want to build up muscles in specific areas.

About our ExoBody600 classes…

Our ExoBody600 classes are completely unique to Aberdeen.

You will be taken through a workout in our brand new studio by one of our experienced instructors, wearing one of our ExoBody600 bodysuits.

Our classes are only 25 minutes, but you will work incredibly hard due to the EMS technology, and feel an immense sense of achievement when you’re finished.

The classes are for a maximum of 4 people, so you can get quality time and attention from our trainer, to ensure you’re maximising your workout and on track to hitting your goals.


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