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Health Retreats - Why it starts with a health assessment

In order to offer a more complete understanding of your current health as well as to assist each participants' goal setting for the week, guests of our retreats will receive a comprehensive health assessment both on the first and last days of the programme. This will provide a strong baseline to gain an understanding of their health metrics prior to engaging in our retreat as well as the conclusion of the week to see the positive effects from our wellness programme.

Used by leading global organisations, our online system enables our team to assess, mentor and develop individual health, fitness and well-being. The application records and analyses physiological data including bloods and some behavioural assessments. Personalised, and tailored heath status reports are delivered via email individually to our guests to maintain for their records.

The testing not only informs our team of any deficiencies or underlying concerns one might be experiencing, but also opens the conversation up to areas that can be improved or optimized to increase vitality.

Tests included with the assessment include;

- Height, weight, BMI, BMR

- Blood Pressure

- Vo2 Max

- Glucose & Cholesterol

- Assessment of anthropometric measurements (including but not limited to; bodyfat %, visceral fat, water %)

- Record of the guest's medical history

- Lifestyle questionnaire

Whether you find you are over indulging at meal times, or smoking during your lunch break, our health retreats will help you to kick out your bad habits. When you’re in such a peaceful, environment and are following a planned schedule, you won’t be able to continue your normal routine. By doing something completely new you will have the chance to break your old habits and instead form new ones, like regular exercise, positive dietary choices and mental well-being practices.

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