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The fitness industry is reopening! So why choose us?

By Ross Dunbar – General Manager

The fitness industry is ever changing and evolving in new ways. Over the past few months, this has been accelerated even more due to the COVID19 pandemic by way of online training options, virtual training etc. Consumers have sourced an alternative to traditional training methods and may have become comfortable with using their newfound ways of keeping fit over whatever they were doing before lockdowns / social distancing measures came into force.

Here at the studio, we have changed several things since the original lockdown hit in March. We generated more sales of products via our online store, we started our own YouTube channel and streamed online workouts, we revisited our business plan and remodelled completely from a membership-based studio to a personal training only studio, we built an outdoor studio, we invested in new equipment, we invested in a car park for our guests to use, we reviewed and improved our already high standard cleaning procedures. All this and more.

Now as health clubs and small local gyms start to gradually open their doors, consumer spending habits and perhaps moreover, consumer confidence, has shifted significantly. Customers will now become more cautious over where and how they fulfil their health and fitness needs. Is the gym clean? Is it safe to train there? Why must I pay the same for my membership only to receive a diluted offering? Things are about to change…….and we prepared. So why choose us?

The Facility

After listening to our clients’ feedback, the first thing they notice when they walk through our doors first and foremost is the high standard of our facility. Just read our Google reviews. We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and now our measures are even more rigorous due to the pandemic.

Our private and bespoke indoor and outdoor training studios are ideal for welcoming one to one personal training clients and small group training for up to 4 people. We are not a gym. We are a boutique fitness training studio. If you come to us, you will not be surrounded by a ton of other sweaty members while you train. We no longer operate a membership, therefore, during your personal training sessions, you will be the only one(s) here. This allows us to focus only on you, the client as well as give you the peace of mind that you can train in a suitable socially distanced and hygienic environment. You also needn’t worry about our male & female changing rooms being overcrowded with other members. You can shower and change in comfort.

In addition to our fitness offering is of course our unrivalled suite of skin and body treatments which are here to help accelerate your results even quicker. Loose skin, bum lifting, fat freezing, cryotherapy, bespoke acne treatments and more are all here under one roof. We offer FREE skin consultations with our experts to assess your skin and establish the right course of treatments for you to take.

Our Trainers

It’s been a pleasure of mine to step into a role I was comfortable in for so many years - as a personal trainer. With over 15 years of experience including many successful years at David Lloyd Aberdeen and then running my own PT businesses, I am delighted to welcome clients I have known for many years as well as new clients to the studio to help them get to where they want to be. From strength & conditioning to injury rehabilitation, there’s not many goals I haven’t helped someone achieve in my time!

Steven Benzie has a strong reputation locally as an energetic class instructor and personal trainer and has been with us since we opened in August 2019. Steve also became familiar to many new and existing clients during the lockdown due to his popular online workouts on the Fit & Skin YouTube channel. From a background of playing competitive football and tennis, Steve has a passion for helping improve his clients’ strength, movement and mobility and is well versed in the use of our exclusive ExoBody600 EMS bodysuits we use here to take our clients training to the next level…….


You simply HAVE TO experience this!! Ok, when I first heard that Fit & Skin Studio would be the first in Scotland to offer this type of EMS training, I kept an open mind but must admit I was a little sceptical. I like to think I had attempted every type of training there possibly was in my time in this industry – but had never tried this! Electro Muscle Stimulation training I had heard of plenty and had seen various YouTube videos and studies of them being used to help people recover through physiotherapy with EMS but this has never been something that has been readily available to people in this neck of the woods.

When people visit the studio for a tour and see our suits, they often say “is that the same kinda thing that Cristiano Ronaldo puts on his abs?” The short answer is yes, same technology - but ExoBody stimulates your entire body, not localised only to the abdomen. The first time the suit was on my body for the 25-minute workout, I couldn’t believe how hard it made me work. Nothing fancy in the workout either – bodyweight squats, lunges, pushups, plank but doing all of these while your muscles are being manually contracted via the individualised pads on the suit was like nothing I had ever felt and I knew instantly people like me whom had tried many training methods before, would want to try this. In the past year of our clients using ExoBody’s 25 minute workout, the main reasons why they do is as follows – it provides an intense workout in under half the time of a regular training session, it gets results and is an amazing, fun workout. Priced at only £40 per session, it needn’t be too expensive either. TRY IT!


So in conclusion, when it comes to deciding whether to return to your old gym, stick with the home workouts or seek out something new, remember that our 'boutique' feel and meticulous attention to cleanliness and hygiene in a facility that is not over populated with people, may be the answer for you. Ask yourself what is most important to you. We are all about helping people see results, training safely in a unique environment with experienced instructors and variety of PT options to choose from. Click “Book a Session” on the homepage on our website to view payment plans and email me at if you have any queries. We offer no monthly contract so you are not tied in to something long term and we are constantly keeping our finger on the industry pulse to keep ahead of the competition and keep in line with government guidelines.

I hope to welcome many of you soon to show you round our amazing facility. I wish all of the many great people I know in this sector all the very best and am sure you are as delighted as I am for the fitness industry to be back……

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