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The Villa

Nestled in the luxury surroundings of Sierra Blanca, Marbella, our 6 bedroom villa is the ideal location to get away from it all. Just a short journey from the trendy Puerto Banus harbour and downtown Marbella, our guests have no choice but to forget the rigours of everyday life back home and focus on nothing but themselves.

After one of our morning hikes or afternoon fitness classes, take a dip in the private garden swimming pool to cool off. During the month's of September, November and March, Marbella's climate remains warm. Remember - health retreats are not only about getting fit and healthy - but relaxation in body and mind is one of our key points of focus.

(Image is taken from Ocean-View bedroom which has 2 balcony's, one overlooking the pool area and the other with stunning ocean views)

And when the sun goes down, the cinema is an ideal place to relax, unwind and put your feet up. Literally. As all of the seats can comfortable're welcome :)

Every bedroom comes with spacious en-suite bathrooms and ample wardrobe space. If you want to upgrade to a little extra, the Ocean-View suites come complete with jacuzzi bath and large walk-in wardrobes.

One of the key components to a health retreat - is togetherness. Each of our guests will have their own individual goals and aspirations of what they want to achieve from a week of investing in their physical and mental wellbeing. Having the encouragement and support of others as part of your journey and meeting and building relationships with new people, is a hugely important part of being able to achieve your goals. Expect some great and inspiring conversations around this table!

Abs are made in the kitchen. Well, it certainly plays a part. This kitchen is where you will see our in-house chef preparing all of our meals for the entire week. Keep your eyes open for a blog post detailing more of what to expect from the food plans we will be enjoying during the week. Expect fresh fruits, lean meats and fish, fresh mediterranean vegetables and the odd splash of juicing to help keep hydrated and ensure regular intake of quality nutrients.

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